Retrofit and Traditional Building Renovation

What is Retrofit?

Many people may have heard of the term Retrofit but are not sure what it means.

Retrofit is about making your home more comfortable, reducing the running costs especially in the face of rising fuel prices, reducing your carbon footprint and looking at using renewable energy sources such as Solar panels.

What do we offer in Retrofit?

The general approach to Retrofit is using a Fabric First Approach. This means looking at the Fabric elements of your home, the walls, roof, floors, windows which are the areas where you lose heat and seeing what could be improved.

We work closely with other Retrofit Professionals including Architects , Retrofit Coordinators , Retrofit Assessors who may assess a home and make a plan and work closely with the  client.

We work closely with Cosy Homes Oxfordshire where  we are approved Contractors with Retrofit Works and undertake Whole House deep retrofits.

Examples of works we may undertake include using Internal Wall Insulation with Woodfibre and lime plaster, applying an Insulating Lime plaster Render such as diathonite, installing new high performance windows and installing ventilation systems.


Nikki is a recent AECB Carbonlite graduate and undertaking her Level 5 certification in Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management

Find out more about our retrofit journey here!

Find out more about Retrofit here!

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