About Us

With a family of six, two rabbits and several tractors it’s probably fair to say we’re not your typical construction company.

A world away from corporate construction, we’re a husband and wife team with an enduring passion for both construction and the people we work with. With over 25 years experience in the industry we know that ‘Home’ is so much more than bricks and mortar.

Fuelled by an unwavering passion for timber Ross began his career as a carpenter amid the dreaming spires of Oxford, developing his keen eye for detail while working to preserve some of the University of Oxford’s most treasured buildings. Coincidentally it was these same buildings and spires that ultimately lured Nikki away from the skyscrapers of Hong Kong to study medicine at Oxford.

Having worked on numerous projects, developing his skills and building relationships with contractors, Ross decided to start his own business when he was 26 years old with a mission to offer a more personal construction service based on his obsession with detail and quality.

The business went from strength to strength and when Nikki decided to step back from Medicine her equal obsession with detail, honed as an anaesthetist, proved to be the perfect compliment to the business. Since that time we’re proud to say we’ve developed the business further, worked on that ever-elusive home/work life balance and navigated the challenges of Covid-19 together.

As experts in timber-based construction, today we both design and hand-craft innovative products that enable us all to enjoy our homes and outside spaces in new and exciting ways.

We offer services from loft conversion, renovations to newbuilds and offer a more bespoke retrofit service as we look to a net zero future and more sustainable building work.